The Modern Modular

Modern Modular was conceived as a study in how modern home design can be transformed to take advantage of the economical, environmental, and structural benefits of standard, proven modular construction techniques. Advances in home construction technology have transformed the way in which houses are made, through factory assembly-derived construction techniques. The design of houses, however, has not changed significantly to take advantage of the possibilities of prefabrication and modular construction. Through a keen understanding of the central role that the American house plays in daily life, Modern Modular seeks to allow the home building industry to meet the needs and desires of homeowners of the 21st century.

Modern Modular homes are designed with a focus on creating a wide range of living solutions capable of being adapted to meet the varying needs of a broad and diverse audience. Through extensive research and design, Modern Modular provides a full line of houses to fit different uses, be it a solitary residence, weekend home, or full-family house. Through a focus on modular living units, houses are fully customizable to meet functional requirements of different locations and climates, and the specific needs of different households. Homes are easily expandable and transformed, allowing Modern Modular homes to grow and adapt to its residents.

Modern Modular houses are created customized for the individual based on a production line of modular units. Predefined typologies are formed from a series of standard modules, minimizing cost of production and maximizing possible combinations available for the consumer.

Using the same customizable structure available in purchasing personal computers, Modern Modular transforms the traditional relationship between architect and client in home construction. Homebuyers have limitless options of customization based on the predetermined line of homes, and additions to these standard types. The Dwell Home is the first fully designed prototype of an economical prefabricated Modern Modular home, designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture.

Unlimited 2D variations allows for a unique response to each client, site, and budget

Unlimited 3D massing variations allows for a unique response to each client, site, and budget

Communal Modules of Use

Private Modules of Use

Accessory Modules of Use


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